Embedded Product Design

We have a fully qualified team to realize customer vision.

Embedded Product Design

With our strong expertise in the engineering of electronics, firmware & software, we help the customer to realize their vision of products.

FPGA Based Design

FPGA based design is one of our key strength.

FPGA Based Design

We build customized and complex FPGA based embedded systems which include design, implementation, and deployment.


We offer IoT systems with various connectivity like WiFi, lora, GPRS, BLE etc.


With our expertise in electronics & software systems, we offer customized solutions based on BLE, Lora, GPRS, WiFi technologies.

System Programming

We offer various firmware development & boot loader customization.

System Programing

We offer various firmware development and bootloader customizations on platforms like ARM, Microchip, Atmel etc.

Linux & Custom Embedded Software

We offer customizing and hardening Linux for embedded systems.

Linux & Custom Embedded Software

We offer Linux customizations like porting, hardening, bootloader, device driver, kernel deployment for embedded systems.

Cloud Controlled Application

We do offer cloud based embedded solutions.

Cloud Controlled Application

We offer mobile application development in Android & IOS which support any embedded systems and IoT solutions.



The original vision of Avench Systems Pvt Ltd when few founders joined together was to touch million people’s life in India by saving energy, time and effort by employing technology and empowering people.

Avench Systems initially started with the idea of becoming a product company. But then a product company needs a considerable capital to survive until the product gets successful in the market. Since Avench was a bootstrapped company, the cash flow became a burning issue, and we had to pivot from our product ideas to sell our skill as engineering services in electronics and software domain.

Since most of the co-founders were from product industry than the service industry, it was a bit of a change to adapt to the new environment. We could successfully migrate to a product engineering group with the help of our well-wishers and mentors. Today we are a 40 member team who are highly skilled and disciplined to conquer the targets. Today if you look at our top line, It continually improved from the last couple of years. We are at 2Cr today, and we expect to grow to 15Cr by 2020. We will be investing our focus to US market development towards electronics product engineering and IoT.

The ultimate objective to build a great company where the employees and the customers would love to work, not just because of the packages or the cost reduction, but because of the quality and trustworthiness in the company. Today Avench Systems Pvt Ltd is an electronic product engineering company specialized in embedded systems. We develop products which are quotable examples of how technology helps save time and effort and improves efficiency making it more meaningful in today’s demanding business environment.
Sajith E K
VP - Global Sales


Avench Systems offers technical solutions to the business ideas in industries like Oil & gas, medical, consumer electronics and much more.

Oil and Gas

With our expertized staffs in FPGA and data acquisition systems, the customer gets shorter turn around time on both greenfield & brownfield projects.

Industrial Electronics

With our expertize in embedded electronics and firmware, we help our customer to build reliable & predictable industrial and automation machines

Medical Electronics

With our high-quality technical capabilities, Avench ensures to deliver highly reliable medical devices which are used for diagnostic purpose and support.

Mobility Solutions

Avench has a dedicated team for architecture design and development of Android, IOS platforms which provides a quick turn around time for customers

Wireless Networking

With a strong expertize in Wireless chips and firmware, we build stable connected systems using technologies like BLE, WiFi, Lora, etc.

High-Tech Electronics

We provide engineering services on highly complex electronics data Acquisition systems which integrates FPGA's and more than a thousand sensors.

Consumer Electronics

Avench comes with a rich domain expertize in consumer electronics, which helps customers to be competitive in the rapidly changing market.

Power and Utilities

Avench has a proven track record of developing energy & utility-based products which are highly competitive in the market.


Avench had designed and developed a Content Access Point which helps the education industry to reduce the infrastructure cost to 30%.


Avench offers a flexible service engagement with the customer which varies from a partial or full turn-key product development.

Embedded System Design

With our proven record of strong expertizes on electronics & firmware, we became a reliable partner to design and develop embedded systems for our customers.

Product Design

We offer product R&D, design, prototyping, design for manufacturing & manufacturing as a service to our customer (partial or full turn-key)

FPGA Based Design

As a part of our embedded design services, we also provide FPGA based systems. We work with all major vendors like Xilinx, Altera, etc.

Firmware design

We offer a competitive firmware design service which includes Linux porting, BSP development, bootloader customizations etc.

Software Design

We offer application software development for supporting various embedded systems and platforms

Reference Design

We offer reference design for various semiconductor and SOC's which brings out all the capabilities of the chips used.

IoT Solution

We help our customer to design and implement the IoT feature to any of their existing or new products.

IP Development

We offer IP design and development as a service to our customers. We do provide a flexible engagement model.

Leadership Team

Sajith EK

Sajith EK

VP - Global Sales

Diljith M

Diljith M




VP Product

Anuroop M

Anuroop M


Sandeep G

Sandeep G


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