Sonar Water Level Controller

Project Name : Sonar Water Level Controller

Client : Vikram

Client Need : Develop a device which measures the water level in a tank and an Android
application corresponding to the device.

Project Scope :
• Designing and development of Water Level Control Sonar device.
• Development of Water Level Control Android Application.

Solution Offered : Avench Systems designed and developed a prototype device which measures
the water level in the tank by the help of an ultrasound device .The device has ESP-8266 chip
which includes ESP-WROOM-02 with an inbuilt Wi-Fi module.
The data was transferred through the internet and the messaging protocol MQTT Protocol
(Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocol) pushes the data to a cloud computing platform
called AWS (Amazon Web Services). The data transferred from the AWS is received and
analysed by the WLC Android Application which can be operated in both online and offline modes
and give the output to the user.

  Major Tech Used 
1. ESP-8266

  Major Features
1. TTL (Transistor to transistor logic)
2. Android Platform

Conclusion : By completing this project the team at Avench Systems was able to deliver a high
quality device with practical uses in industrial as well as domestic circles. The project fell within
both hardware as well as software domain and hence tested our inter-domain operability and
efficiency. By crafting this project to perfection we demonstrated the same and were able to deliver
the project with all in-scope items fulfilled